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David Shaw, 12:15 am 9th May 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

Welcome to the new blog, hopefully more improved from the old blog. It’s a blank new slate just waiting for me to fill with juicy content.

And welcome to the new site, which will be more involved than the old site. As the version at the popular dot-com extension, this will grow to be the main business site. For now, it’s opened to be my main blog as I work my way there.

The goal of this blog is mostly as a developer log, as a way for chronicling what I am up to game development wise and my thoughts along the way. However it will end up being a bit more than that. As the whole site runs on WordPress, the lines between where the blog beings and ends are somewhat blurry. This is by design, as I think the site will work better with everything integrated. This means a lot of what I may want to post here – articles, tutorials, reviews, and so on – will end up in the blog. Through the miracle of “categories” these should end up all organised in their own section. For some other things that need to be separate, like game info pages, I can put them in static pages.
If I understand what WordPress can do it should do it all and be all viewable under the internal search engine too. Of course I expect a few snafus along the way, but that’s all part of the fun.

For now, the site’s just a blank slate in order to get started. There’s just the blog with one category – “Babble” or “Blog Babble” (I’m still debating which is best). That’s currently the default (the one WordPress usually calls “Uncategorized”), and will be my default blogging category. This will be the most casual of all the categories, where I give myself license to post whatever I feel like. Maybe in the future I’ll make another category for formal announcements, but for now the general catch-all of “babble” seems to fit the bill.

There’s bound to be a bunch of teething problems in the first few months as I play around with the site and figure out how to structure everything, so please bear through any weirdness.

11 comments for “Brand new site with a brand new blog”

  1. Stephen says:

    Absolutely *love* the new banner, David. The background and overall colour scheme really works well also.

  2. David Shaw says:

    You can’t really go wrong with a colour scheme based on blue.

    And it seems the comments are working, which is good to know. ;)

    Edit: Although something is really screwy with the comment numbering and the avatars. That’s not good.
    Edit 2: Well, my avatar now seems back to my WordPress default. I don’t know what happened to comment #1 though. The system seems to have eaten it.

  3. Drilian says:

    Very cool! I love the look of the new site!

  4. Jason Adams says:

    Looking good David, I like the layout and colourscheme.

    I’m not seeing avatars in the comments at all, did you disable them after the above noted screwyness?

  5. David Shaw says:

    The avatars are supposed to be set to WordPress Gravatars. If you create an account at, you can upload an avatar that appears in most WordPress blogs. For me, that’s currently my winged helmet guy.

    I had the avatars set to generate new ones for people without a Gravatar, but I might not have set that up properly. Instead I’ve set it to be blank, but you should still see mine. If not, I’ll have to play around some more in a few days time. Unfortunately I’ve recently caught a quite nasty cold and it’s hard enough to think straight; if I tinker around with the guts of WordPress in this state I’m liable to break something. I’ll see if I can set up the generated avatars later in the week.

  6. nerd_boy says:

    Here, I have a Gravatar account. This’ll test it out for you. :)

    Love the look. Great to have an original theme. I can’t do decent artwork to save my butt. :p

  7. nerd_boy says:

    Yuppers, it works.

    Also, if I may be so bold, two plugins you may find useful. “WP-Syntax” if you’re planning on ever posting any code snippets, for one. For the other, “Exclude Pages from Navigation”, which does quite what it says. Very useful if you want pages that won’t show up in your menu.

  8. David Shaw says:

    Thanks, nerd_boy. It’s good to know the Gravatars work, although I’m still not sure why everyone else is still coming up as the Gravatar logo. That’s not the default I’ve chosen.

    That code plugin sounds like it will be useful, so I’ll check it out, thanks!

  9. Jason Adams says:

    Oddly enough I still don’t see avatars for anyone, default or otherwise. I wouldn’t consider it a major problem however.

  10. David Shaw says:

    It’s a bit odd. It’s not as if I changed the avatar code from the standard WordPress template that I based this off.

    But I agree it’s not a major issue. I was debating whether to have avatars at all. If it turns out to be too problematic I’ll just remove them completely.

  11. Andrew Russell says:

    Full content RSS plzkthx :)

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