sfxr – Basic sound effect generation tool

David Shaw, 6:22 am 8th June 2009
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I just stumbled across this in a link on the IndieGamer forums: sfxr – an old school sound effects generator. It’s perfect for quickly making simple wave form sound effects, and the GUI has some of the most common ones as presets. I’ve played around with the Mac port for a bit and it’s brilliant.

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  1. Josh Jersild says:

    I’ve been using sfxr for a while now – I’m going to second this recommendation. It’s not great for any really high-quality work, but if you need some simple effects (or you need some temp effects until you get the real ones sorted out), it’s a great little tool to have!

  2. Junkyard Sam says:

    And to add something to what Josh said — even if you need this for more “high quality work” as he puts it, you can always use these sounds as a starting point and them combine them with other sounds or add reverb and effects to make them more modern.

    This SFSR app is just BRILLIANT. *BRILLIANT*!

    Your blog/website layout is brilliant too, BTW. =)

  3. David Shaw says:

    It’s amazing what you can mock up by simply combining sound effects together.

    Beside which, it’s amazing how often you just want a beep noise, but you need the *exactly the right sort* of beep noise. It’s really handy to have an app that can just generate them from me, rather than for me to have to dig up some old ones from the archive.

    BTW Thanks Sam. ;)

  4. jikoo says:


    The website of Sfxr is down for long time. So now, you can download it here :

    It’s my website about chipmusic, chiptune, 8bit music…

  5. David Shaw says:

    Thanks for the link, jikoo.

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