blog gone but not forgotten

David Shaw, 8:25 am 28th June 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

Today I pulled the final plug on my old blog at It was a gradual process of shutting things down, but it’s now fully archived and shifted to my new server. You can access the archive at the old address, where it looks pretty much exactly like the old WordPress blog just how I left it. However it’s now an archive in static HTML format; none of the dynamic features like searching or leaving comments will work.

The main features at that site that people who are not me might actually care about, such as the games and the Inkscape tutorial, should still be at the same addresses. Tell me if something looks wrong and I’ll try to fix it if it’s serious. Email to any old addresses may be a little screwy, but no-one seemed to email me at that address anyway. Or maybe they did and I never got it, in which case the change can hardly make it any worse!

I’ve also pulled the plug on my Dreamhost account where the old site was being hosted. Dreamhost was a pretty good hoster for starting out, and overall I liked using their services. But there’s little point paying for extra hosting for an old archive site when I’ve got plenty of space here on my self-administered Linode.

2 comments for “ blog gone but not forgotten”

  1. nerd_boy says:

    About time you had another post. :p

  2. David Shaw says:

    I know. I haven’t caught the prolific blogging bug yet, have I?

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