How time flies when you aren’t concentrating

David Shaw, 5:41 am 25th September 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

Brief progress update, condensed blog post version: The last week was a mess due to my own lack of focus. How embarrassing. Without some hard milestones I have a tendency to aimlessly drift off towards some of the more vague objectives in the back of my mind, and before I know it I’ve spent three days during “research” (i.e., reading TV Tropes and playing Spelunky). Not good. Bad game developer!

Given these slips are turning into a habit, I’ll spend the next month posting blog updates every couple of days to keep some sense of responsibility and to steer me naturally towards harder, quantifiable targets that provide something to show. I can’t hide a lack of progress if it’s out in the open!

I have spent some time reviewing Box2D though, and it’s good enough to sell me on using Flash and AS3 (ActionScript 3) as my prototyping platform. I don’t think I’m currently good enough with it to effortless whip up ideas with ease, which I think is a sticking point at the moment. I suspect I need to take a step back and shore up on the fundamentals.

By the end of October, I aim to be comfortable enough with Flash that I can prototype key game ideas and assess their suitability as the basis for long term projects. For next week, I’ll work through a few basic Flash exercises, explore my way through AS3, and actually put a game up on this website (finally!) even if it’s a basic clone.

I also need to knuckle down and work on systematically on improving my art and music, which I’ve been shamefully neglecting. And the website needs work, so that’s on the to-do list too.

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