ActionScript, Portal

David Shaw, 6:55 am 28th September 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

So far I’ve just skimmed over the basics of the ActionScript 3 language and played around with them in a Hello World style class. On the surface it has a rather Java like feel to me, although given my sketchy understanding of Java that might just be a conflation of my unfamiliarity of the two languages. Another similarity is that given the strong GUI bent a lot of basic instruction tends towards cut-and-paste programming; find something that is close to what you want, then tweak it to fit your needs. I suppose that is quite apt for something that I want to use for prototyping, but with that approach I always feel uncomfortable that I don’t truly understand the language. I’ve skimmed enough to look into a proper app, I think. Nothing too fancy, but enough to get a feel for the development process.

On the non-development front, I finally got around to playing (and finishing) Portal on the weekend. Good game, although very short; only took a few hours, at least one hour of which was just playing around with the portals. I’ve also got no idea why the internet has latched onto “The cake is a lie” as the primary meme, given there were plenty of better lines than that the game.

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