October already?

David Shaw, 11:12 pm 11th October 2009
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Man, this year is going by quickly. I still can’t quite get that we’re already a fair ways into October. I’ve got no idea where the time is going.

I’ve got to make a decision at the end of December as to the direction I take game development, and I’m a teensy bit concerned at my current progress; I’ve been drifting in the “warm-up” stage for way too long. Without a few milestones to focus on I’ve been a right mess.

With this in mind it’s high time I restart my “game a week” challenge. The rules this time are very simple; I make something playable each week. It doesn’t need to be fancy or even complete, but I do need to work on something else the next week. The goal is simply to stop worrying too much about the unimportant little details and start creating.

To start, I’m going to keep playing around with Flash and make something simple. I’m still tweaking the nose of ActionScript’s functionality, so it’s probably going to just be a Flash game classic straight from the pages of Flash Game University (I own the book). Got to start somewhere!

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  1. nerd_boy says:

    Still in (pre?) warm up phase? Me too. :|
    Maybe it is an epidemic…

  2. David Shaw says:

    I’m sure it’s a very common malady. ;)

    I’m just very easily distracted. I find if I don’t concentrate on the task that I’m meant to be doing, I’ll drift off and do something else. Combine that with me feeling guilty if I don’t make a blog update every week, and I find myself in the situation where things start to get embarrassing.

    This week I was supposed to get to speed with the basics of Flash. But if I think about what I’ve actually achieved, the only thing that comes to mind is me goofing off from my ActionScript books trying to write theme music based on polka. Not a complete waste, but not actually the most pressing issue at hand!

  3. Matthew says:

    I highly recommend this book for Flash. It not only gives you a lot of very useful information, but the turnaround to getting things on screen is very quick and acts as a motivation tool too. Best Flash book I’ve bought so far.


    It’s very tough staying motivated on one thing. I’ve been freelancing for over a year now and have yet to get my own game out the door. This is in part due to the amount of paid work I am doing, but there comes a point where I have a few hours to do my own thing and not booting up a game, catching up on news via RSS, or going off to watch a film is SO difficult.

    In the end I try and use rewards. If I want a game that gets released next Friday I can’t have it unless I achieve >insert achievable bullet point list here<. Then show someone else the list (girlfriend?) and present the finished tasks to them before that game can be yours. Sounds crazy, but it works.

  4. David Shaw says:

    Part of the problem is a lack of concrete metrics. My bullet points were along the lines of “Get comfortable with ActionScript 3.0″, which in retrospect isn’t that helpful. Apart from decent targets, self-discipline strategies like working towards rewards should be useful too, thanks.

    I’ll also have a look at that book. I’ve actually got a copy already, but up to now I’ve only skimmed through it.

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