Unity now free

David Shaw, 11:54 pm 1st November 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

In case you’ve missed the news, you can get an indie licence for Unity for free.

Unity is a 3D engine and integrated development tool, and one I’ve heard good things about from other developers. Even before this free deal, it was my most likely pick for 3D development. Now there’s no need to worry about running of time to test the demo, it’s worth grabbing a copy to play around with at your leisure. And it comes for both Windows and Mac OS, which is good for people like me who use both OSes. Even if you’ve got designs on making your own engine, Unity could be a useful tool for prototyping. Give it a go.

For me, I haven’t done much more that a superficial play around with the demo yet so despite my recommendations to try out Unity. I can’t objectively say if it’s any good or not. I prefer working in 2D and doubt I’ll need too complex an engine behind what I do, so I’m still set on using Flash, Flex and ActionScript as my prototyping platform. But for anything 3D, it’s well worth looking at the middlewares available, and you can’t beat a good deal like trying Unity for free!

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