Project Tarot: Day 2

David Shaw, 12:10 am 12th December 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

Behold OpenGL quads!

This ugly screenshot is my code base at it stands. I might feel better about getting this far if this isn’t essentially where the code was four months ago. It’s a meshed together version of the C conversion of my generic 2D game code with some earlier C++ stuff, which I’ve converted to ugly C for the purposes of this experiment. Most of the work was figuring out my old code and trying to remember why I keep changing interfaces every rewrite. Probably because I like to make life difficult for myself.

There’s still some big, big gaps in the code base. For one thing, there’s no sprite or proper font code; that text in the screenshot is a hacked together debug font displayed with pure untextured OpenGL quads as the font’s “pixels”. The audio module appears completely empty. And while there seems to be the right hooks for cross-platform code, the only code currently in there is for MacOS X; probably not that useful for most people wanting to run the future demo. Since time is short, I’m going to try to silence the software engineering voices yammering in my head and write hacky code for now, and then maybe make my next project an attempt to up the architectural standards of my code base.

And I’m still completely up in the air about what this game is going to eventually be. That’s the other big thing I’m going to have to work on today. I’m concerned that I’m slightly behind where I need to be right now, so I’ll need to pick up the pace on the weekend so I can finish this thing off in time.

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