Project Tarot: Day 3

David Shaw, 1:01 am 13th December 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble


I feel like I’m assembling a Frankenstein’s monster, sifting through old discarded projects and assembling pieces that don’t fully understand into a crude, mockery of a game. Still, at least I’ve got the basic building blocks in place. All it needs now is a brain.

The sprite system is as simple as it can be, almost shamefully so. Every sprite as to be in a separate file and loaded to its own OpenGL texture. If this turns out to be too wasteful or painful to deal with I could hack together a basic sprite sheet functionality hardcoded to the situation, but it should work on the prototype level.

The audio system has a bit of black magic in it, as it has to use SDL’s RWops system to interface the PhysicsFS file system with SDL_mixer. It seems pretty straightforward in the code, but my tests show that as it stands it can only work with certain file types; for example it doesn’t like MP3 or Ogg Vorbis music files, but it can load MIDI music and tracker formats. Well, whatever. I suspect I’ve got do some uncompression in there somewhere, but I’m not going to spend half a day figuring it out at this stage. It plays music and sound effects, that’s all I need.

And the input/control system seems fine. It’s a paper thin interface between SDL and my message passing structure, which should be sufficient.

Now to the big issue: with nearly half my allocated time gone, I’m still rather lost on what this game should be. It’s now time to step away from the compiler and put some thought into what I can throw together in a day or two’s worth of work given the crude code base I’m working with.

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