Project Tarot: Day 4

David Shaw, 12:41 am 14th December 2009
Posted under: Blog Babble

Not much to add here, as I’m still brainstorming ideas. I haven’t yet struck anything that screams out to me. If I don’t think of anything great soon I’ll just throw things together and see how they come out. At this stage I wager there’s a considerable chance I’m going to end up with something distinctly unfun, but them’s the breaks. At least I’ll have something to work from next week.

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  1. Henry says:

    Coming up with game ideas from a blank slate is _hard_. I find that I’m best at thinking up ideas while I’m already busy building something – they seem to start flowing once the overall game begins to take shape.

    Personally, I would just go with the Memory Tile game. Getting something done is the real point of this isn’t it? And you never know, maybe as you’re building it you’ll think up a new twist to make it really unique and interesting.

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