An aside on Dragon Age: Origins for Mac

David Shaw, 3:06 am 18th December 2009
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I’ve noticed that Dragon Age: Origins is coming out for the Mac. I don’t have a very powerful Windows PC so I’d been considering getting this for the Xbox 360, but now I see I have another option.

Some thoughts on the port:

  • The Mac version requires Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard, the latest version of the OS. I’m not sure why; I didn’t think there was that big a difference between Leopard and Snow Leopard. I’m guessing it’s because they’ve got a limited test budget and they assume Macs upgrade their OSes more readily than Windows. So I’d have to upgrade to play the game (grumble).
  • Despite that, given GameTree is charging US prices it is actually cheaper for me to buy Dragon Age: Origins for Mac from them and upgrade to Snow Leopard than it would be for me to buy Dragon Age: Origins for the Xbox 360 here in Australia. Getting the deluxe version with all the add-ons (and Snow Leopard) comes out to roughly the same.
  • Listing the required video card as “ATI X1600 or NVIDIA 7300 or higher” is totally meaningless. I haven’t followed video card specs closely for years, so as if I know offhand whether the ATI Radeon HD 2600 is better than a X1600 or not. They could at least give a useful metric like “Did you buy your iMac in the last three years? If so, you’re probably good”.
  • It would be nice to know if the Mac version will be compatible with mods made for the PC. If it was, that would be a big incentive to get it for the Mac. There’s a competing incentive for the Xbox 360 version in that I can loan the disc to family and friends who are more likely to have a console than a Mac.

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  1. Matthew says:

    This is on my Christmas list for PC and I have heard that the 360/PS3 versions, although good, are inferior in terms of accessing the finer details of the controls and planning stages of gameplay. Therefore I would lean towards the Mac version if I were you.

    Check out this Co-Op video review for more info (video has several games featured):


  2. David Shaw says:

    Yes, that’s something I also need to consider. I suspect however that this game might be heading towards me in the form of a gift as well, in which case the question is somewhat moot. I’ll be happy with either platform, really; at least with the Xbox 360 version I can eventually lend the game to my sister in return for a lend of Fallout 3. ;)

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