PhD re-edit time

David Shaw, 9:19 am 7th January 2010
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My immediate plans for January have been mildly derailed due to PhD issues. I’ve finally got my examiner reviews back and they request some additional material and another resubmission. It’s my own fault for leaving some serious holes in there and not submitting the strongest dissertation I could have mustered; the last year I was so sick of the whole thing I just wanted to get the whole thing behind me. The theories are sound, so hopefully if I put in some more results and a better eye to presentation it will be a lot stronger. Unfortunately that means requires a fair amount of time which will temporarily have to eat into game development. I’d wished to get the thing complete in 2009, but there was a six month delay in examination. This means the thesis will most likely be still hanging over my head in some form for most of 2010, with still the off-chance at the end of it I might fail the whole thing. Oh well, better make the most of it.

Because of this I won’t have a Python game ready at the end of the week; it might have to wait until next week. I’m planning on putting in a solid few days on correcting and planning that takes priority so I can gauge what needs to be done and make me feel a bit more in control. Once that’s over, while I’ll be spending a fair chunk of January working on this I should be able to slot it between game development tasks, so I’ll still have things to talk about here. I’m not that sure how long the whole process will take, but I suspect I’ll have the bulk of everything finished by March. I might not post more about the PhD corrections until it’s out of my hair, since I don’t want to derail the blog into writer’s rants. ;)

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  1. Josh Jersild says:

    You’re off the hook THIS week – as long as it’s important :D

    Good luck with the rewrites!

  2. Wavinator says:

    Hey TZ! Just popped over to say hi. Hadn’t seen you around in Game Design over at GDnet lately but now I know why! I suppose we can allow for the possibility that a PhD MAY be slightly more important than game development– though come the singularity, when we’re all lying hooked up to VR cocoons with terrabits of simulated fantasy information streaming past our ever twitching eyelids you’ll maybe look back upon this moment and say, “PhD?!?!! I should have been making my dream Princess Maker hybrid!!!!!” (or maybe “wtf was that Wavinator talking about!!!!”) :D

    Anyway, best of luck with the rewrites!

  3. David McGraw says:

    Ouch! PhDs are no joke. That’d be crazy to get through a year+ to find out that you still failed it.

    Stay motivated and kick its arse!

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