Humble Indie Bundle

David Shaw, 1:45 am 5th May 2010
Posted under: Blog Babble

In case you haven’t found out about this anywhere else, there’s a great indie deal at the moment: The Humble Indie Bundle. It’s one of those “pay whatever you wish” dealies, and contains a sweet package of cross-platform titles: World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru and Penumbra, with the option to donate some money to Child’s Play or the EFF. This is one of the best indie game deals I’ve seen; those are some damn fine titles there, and with the charity options as well this deserves to do well. The deal runs for about 6 more days, so if you haven’t checked it out already I would heartily recommend it.

The site again: The Humble Indie Bundle

May update

David Shaw, 12:57 am 2nd May 2010
Posted under: Blog Babble

Hey everyone – quick update to prove that I’m not dead.

I know I’ve been letting this webspace slide for longer than I should, but I still need to clear up some non-Trazoi related work as a priority in May. Once that’s done, I should have the time to implement a site reboot and really get to grips with creating online content for this place in early June.

Until then, I might post up some indie game reviews on May weekends that I’ve got partially written and been meaning to put up, but there’s a danger I might leave the place mournfully neglected. The blogging bug never seems to bite for me.