Getting set up with FlashDevelop

David Shaw, 10:50 am 15th November 2011
Posted under: Flash

FlashPunk has a bunch of tutorials that will cover all of this in more detail with an emphasis on FlashPunk. But I’ll skim the details of what I’m doing as well, as there’s a few quirks specific to my own direction.

  • Install FlashDevelop. FlashDevelop is a free ActionScript IDE that makes working with Flash projects a lot easier. The alternatives are buying Adobe Flash Builder or hacking around compiling with the free Flex SDK on the command line, so for starting out FlashDevelop is the recommended way to go. FlashDevelop version 4 is out so it was time to upgrade the version I had previously installed.
  • Install the Flex SDK if you need to. This is the framework that compiles and builds the Flash apps from the AcrionScript files. Previously you had to install this manually, but the newer versions of FlashDevelop will install Flex for you. This saves all possible amounts of hassle and fiddling around with both Flex and FlashDevelop, so thanks FlashDevelop devs!
  • Configure FlashDevelop. Which at the moment isn’t much, as I think the defaults are fine. All I needed to do was change the default editor font from Courier New to something more appealing. I forgot that to change the font, you need to go tp the colour settings rather than preferences. It took a stupid amount of time to figure this out.
  • Install FlashPunk into a project directory. That’s as simple as unpacking the zip. Next!
  • Get that sucker under version control. I’m using Mercurial so I can copy the whole project between computers without any fuss.

And that’s all the basics. Next up, learning the basics of FlashPunk via the tutorials!

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